PRODUCTS - Standard Model

Products developed by Skymed Medical Devices engineers

Standard Oxygen Generator

Traditional PSA Oxygen Plant is named as standard ones. These Oxygen Production System consists of 5 blocks; Air Compressors, Air Tank (Receiver), Air Drier, Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Tank (Receiver)
The equipment used in oxygen generators to be used to produce medical oxygen is selected to be compatible with human health. The oxygen purity in the produced gas is measured continuously.
SKYMED Hospital Standard models operate in pressure range of 4-6 Bar (g).
Each part of the whole system has CE certification and the whole system is certified by CE certification.
It produces oxygen in the range of 90%, 93%, 95%±3 purities.
No transportation and labor costs. It produces as much oxygen as you need, and goes into standby mode when you don’t need it.
Compressor pressure is 10 Bar (g). The maximum noise level is (±5) 70 dB.
Capable of producing between 10 L / min – 2500 L / min. Above 2500 L / min capacity may be produced on request.
SKYMED is able to produce oxygen continuously, thanks to its ability to work 24/7.
Return on investment period varies between 12-24 months according to usage.
Automatically switches off when oxygen purity drops below 90%, and switches to safe mode.