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20 Years of Experience

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With more than 20 years of experience, SKYMED Medical Devices was founded by engineers who lead the production of on-site medical / industrial oxygen production systems in Turkey, and “top executives” who worked at special levels.
SKYMED, which complies with EU standards and World regulations, manufactures Oxygen / Nitrogen Production, Control and Storage Systems in different capacities in accordance with the conditions and places of use in the Medical and Industrial field.

New technologies such as VPSA, membrane type gas production facilities, active oxygen systems, ozone waste water treatment plants, sterilization devices are added to the SKYMED portfolio every day, and different types of medical devices such as infection control are constantly being added.
With its professional and passionate team, SKYMED is on the way to become the market leader all over the world. We are expanding our international market day by day by providing the technology and solutions needed by our medical and industrial solution partners using our systems.
Attaching importance to quality, SKYMED has been entitled to receive ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 10002, ISO 28001 certificates with the quality infrastructure it has established and implemented.
Our products, which have CE certificates, have all the test certificates required by European standards.

In the field of medical health products and industrial products production in which we operate:

By following the technology closely, innovative approaches aim to produce quality products.

To keep customer satisfaction at the forefront, to continuously improve it with its trained personnel.

To be different and a leader in the sector, to develop new products and to make improvements in the field of engineering.

Developing our strong supplier infrastructure day by day

To make the necessary occupational health and safety investments by providing a healthy and safe working environment,

To carry out its activities with its personnel who are conscious of protecting the environment,

To make continuous improvement and necessary investments related to the quality environment,

Contributing to the recycling of wastes,

To make the necessary investments to reduce the generation of waste,

To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases with occupational health and safety preventive and protective activities,

To progress by providing necessary improvements by providing environmental trainings,

We have made it our aim and principle to comply with all national and international standards and existing laws.

Medical devices and Industrial facilities; hospitals, polyclinics, charities, industrial factories, health institutions, treatment plants, petrochemical and food factories, glass manufacturing, rock wool-glass wool industry, mining industry, waste water treatment industry, fish farm industry, ozone industry, metal industry are fields.

20 Years of Experience

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